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Annual review February 28, 2013

Posted by mareserinitatis in education, teaching.
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I suppose getting evals once a year (since I’m currently teaching only in the fall) is sort of like having an annual review.

I have to say that I’m rather pleased with this year’s review.  Of my four sections, I did have one ‘dud’, where the scores were noticeably lower than others.  However, in all classes, I generally was at or above the average.  Given I have now earned a reputation for teaching the hardest sections of the course, I think I’m a bit proud of that.

I had all of four comments:

Pointless class!

She was very helpful when working on our schedules.

Does a very good job teaching everything.

The most interesting comment was this:

You assumed too much w/the final MATLAB assignment. People who have never programmed would never understand for loops and “if” statements.

I am amused that this person was so concerned about their peers that they felt the need to tell me I was expecting too much.  Or maybe they were mad because they themselves didn’t understand and didn’t want to admit it.

I find it interesting because the whole point of the unit was to learn some basic programming…and I consider loops to be fairly fundamental.  I also explained them in class.  Even more important is that this student may not have clued in yet to the fact that one is supposed to learn new things in college, not just stuff that one knew before.  That being said, the vast majority of the students were able to finish the assignment and did just fine.

I’ll just take it that I’ve officially reached “too high in the ivory tower” status.



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