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Spacing out May 5, 2013

Posted by mareserinitatis in photography, science.
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Last week, having never been to Florida, I had one day to go exploring.  While Universal Studios was awfully tempting, I chose another location: Kennedy Space Center.  Rather than bore you with explanations, I’ll give you the photo tour.  (My husband graciously consented to be the model for several of these pictures…)

The entrance (if you click on the picture, the full size one will come up and you can read the quote):


After passing through the visitor center entrance, the first thing you see is a bunch of rockets:


And a few capsules (which, of course, are fun to crawl into):


They are currently building the final home for the shuttle Atlantis, which will be on display at about the end of June.  I was disappointed it wasn’t ready yet.

Then we hopped the bus and drove past the vehicle assembly building:


And visited the Apollo/Saturn V center:


At the center, they start you by sitting through a simulated launch of one of the missions.  There are tons of things on display that relate to the Apollo missions, such as newspapers, space suits, and even the moon rover they practiced on.  There’s also a moon rock that you can touch.  (I was disappointed that it was polished.)  We unfortunately only had about 5 hours, which didn’t feel like nearly enough, but we definitely had a good time.



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