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Faux-ntain of Youth December 8, 2014

Posted by mareserinitatis in photography.

I get the feeling that academics are very averse to photographs.  I have to say that it drives me nuts that they will use photos (particularly on university web sites) that are obviously old enough to be middle school children.

I have had at least a half-dozen encounters with folks who, when I met them in person, were considerably more gray or bald or wrinkled or what-have-you than their online presentations would leave you to believe.  Not just a little.  Recognizing someone who went from having a lot of hair to none at all is a bit rough.

I do understand the desire to make a good impression or to having an attachment to a particular image of yourself.  I also realize that photographs don’t always do the best job of capturing someone.  I just wish it wasn’t so hard to recognize people at conferences.


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