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ROI on NSF proposals October 23, 2013

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I had a conversation with my supervisor the other morning.  I am currently writing a proposal to NSF, and I said I may have enough to get a second one together, too.  His response was, “Go ahead, if you think it’s worth the effort.”

I decided to go forward with the second one, but it’s been bothering me because, when you look at it, it’s really NOT worth the effort.  If you get it, it’ll seem like all the time in the world was worth it.  But in reality, not so much.

Not that I have any economic savvy, but my sense is that going after more than one NSF proposal isn’t worth it at all.  Going after one is only worth it if you think you have a spectacular chance.

A big part of the problem is that one can get, at most, 2 months salary from NSF.  That means that if I get one proposal funded, I get 2 months of salary.  If I get more than one funded, I still only get 2 months…not for each project, this is total.

Being on soft money, it seems like NSF is definitely not the way to go.

However, there are intangible benefits in the highly unlikely chance (probably <10%) that I were to get a proposal funded.  Specifically, having some funding under one’s belt makes one far more attractive in terms of hiring into a spot that pays more than two months salary.  If that’s the only criteria, then it appears it’s worth it to go after as many as possible.

Realistically, though, there’s probably more important factors involved, like my desire to sleep and eat.  It’s an optimization problem, and two proposals is my limit.  I simply can’t focus on more than that (and I tried last year).  By focusing on more than one, I’m probably decreasing my odds of getting either because of the need to divide my time.  Of course, I’m already dividing my time between getting other work done, getting my thesis done, teaching, and having a family (and currently not doing the best job of that).  What’s another proposal when you’re already overwhelmed, right?


Engineering salaries and Smith charts January 28, 2011

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We’ve had a series of posts about engineering salaries over at EngineerBlogs.org. I threw my hat in the ring, discussing potential earnings for academic engineers. Chris talked about getting the best starting salary. FrauTech did a wonderful, graph-filled post on job outlooks for engineers. (Visuals are always yummy.)

Fluxor hasn’t weighed in yet. (I imagine we’ll hear from him tomorrow.) In the meantime, if you don’t want to hear about salaries, he does have a very cool post on Smith charts.

What I’d really like to see is someone representing engineering salaries on Smith charts. Maybe we can turn the benefits into the imaginary component (or maybe that’s just me being cynical).

Either way, go read and have fun.

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